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Welcome to the WAM House. We’re glad you stopped in!

We focus exclusively on helping Young Professionals learn how to be a change agent or “workplace transformation catalyst” for Jesus Christ in their workplace. We help you learn that God calls each person to follow Him in His work, which could be in the Arts, Entertainment, Media, Government, Business, or Education: not just in the traditional ministry and missions vocations. In fact, we have conversation about how our work can be our ministry and mission field, acting as redemptive agents for God.

Not only do you learn how to become a spiritual influence at work and an agent of cultural transformation, but you receive Christ-centered professional  development training for on-the job, career, and life success. You enjoy the benefits of being connected to a mentor in the field you are choosing (or exploring) to work in. And you engage in conversation with others who are wrestling with some of the same life issues you face in transitioning through the Young Professional years, making a difference at work, and authentically living out your faith in your work life.

As a participant, you have the option of living in community with other participants or simply joining us during our weekly classes. Either way, you can easily participate in the class as you work. The program year goes from September through June and is broken into six to eight week modules, or terms. You can take one term at a time or sign up to go through the entire program. You enjoy cross-cultural interactions, engaging conversation with leaders who come to the WAM House to share their stories over dinner, community volunteer opportunities, challenging reading, discussion, and life-application tools, and opportunities to discover how God has hard-wired you for His plans and your purpose.

So, if you are interested in learning more about how God may be desiring to use you as His change agent in your workplace and culture, we would love to sit down for good conversation and hear what you think.

Reach out. We’ll reach back.


John Scroggins
Director and Founder
WAM House